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How strong is your worldview? Is it...

Coherent? Comprehesive? Consistent? Rational? Livable? High in Explanitory Power?

This site takes its name from an ancient Greek word that means “illumination.” Truth provides illumination, and is the building block of a sound worldview. Many people, Christian and non-Christians alike live with worldviews that are fragmented, and fail to provide a solid foundation for navigating the hard questions in life.


The basic foundation that a person has for interpreting life’s events and the world of ideas.


For a worldview to be coherent, every part of it must relate rationally to itself.


A comprehensive worldview addresses every aspect of the spiritual, physical, and ideological world.


A consistent worldview applies every premise in the same rational way in every way. 

Explanitory Power

A worldview with high explanatory power explains human experience, the good and the bad, in a way that make rational sense.


A worldview, to have any worth, has to be livable. Otherwise, it is at best just an interesting abstract idea.

Wherever truth may be found it belongs to the Lord

– St. Augustine

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Back-masking Didn’t Die

Do you believe that an Ouija board hidden in your attic unbeknownst to you could by itself have any effect upon you and your family? How about a pentagram, or a Satanic book, or a book of Wiccan spells? I hope not, because that is pagan superstition.

Political Correctness is Self-Defeating

Political Correctness is Self-Defeating

Once upon a time, the rational person was expected to give an objective consideration to conflicting ideologies, and choose the...

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My First Dance

I attended my first dance yesterday, and not with my wife. (She knows that I own the distinction of being...

Every Statement of Belief is an Attack on Someone

Every Statement of Belief is an Attack on Someone

“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” What do you think of this opinion? Sound good? Does...

Liberal Christians Loose in the Great Red Cup (Non)Controversy

It’s a made up story intended to fill a slow news day and to poke fun at all those silly evangelicals getting all upset over nothing. But no one is actually upset, except for those that are upset at everyone being upset.

Letter to an Imaginary Friend

My dear friend, let me say this to start. I haven’t changed. I am the same person that you have always known. We played together. We shared memories, endured tragedy, and celebrated triumph. I was there for you any time you needed me. That hasn’t changed.

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