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Back-Masking Didn't Die

Once upon a time it was the early nineties. It was a time when roaming evangelists occupied the pulpits of Evangelical churches on weekday revival nights, grasping the rapt attention of paranoid parents and pessimistic blue-haired ladies with tales of back-masking, secret satanic incantations hidden in popular music melodies, and CD’s blessed by witches. Despite the hold that such goose bump raising, hair tingling sensationalism once had upon me, with time and maturity, I realized with some chagrin that these were just religious ghost stories, the evangelical Christian version of a cautionary fairy tale of witches and werewolves designed to control behavior with superstitious fear. If I had hoped that the church has matured beyond these sorts of melodramatic schemes, I was reminded by way of a blog post warning of the dangers of certain adult coloring books, that every generation has its back-masking. In an all too familiar form, the author adopts the posture of a wise and caring fri…