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My First Dance

I attended my first dance yesterday, and not with my wife. (She knows that I own the distinction of being so uncoordinated in my footwork that I failed marching in military leadership school) I was accompanied by the most special 7-year-old girl I know, my daughter. I can’t really convey the intensity of the fish-out-of-water experience that I was having as we pulled up. Dances are not my thing. Actually, socializing, in general, is not my thing, but you do what you must to make the ones you love happy. Walking toward the front door, we passed a man in a custom suit getting out of a two hundred thousand dollar Mercedes SUV. It made my bargain khakis and ten-year-old Ford look quite rustic in comparison. It was clear that he had a message to send, and a social order to impress upon those in attendance.
We started the dance with the Steven Curtis Chapman song “Cinderella,” a song that I generally avoid listening to, on account of its ability to turn even the hardest of hearts into a bo…