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Belief is Not a Virtue

I know that it may seem like an odd thing for a Christian to say, but belief is not a virtue, and neither is doubt. I recently came across an Atheist’s how-to video for helping Christians de-convert. One of the first steps in this process, the video claims, is to introduce doubt as a virtue. This is evidence of a popular mischaracterization that associates Christianity with belief, and atheism with doubt. Introduce doubt to the Christian, and you have injected the antidote to his belief. If the defining characteristic of Christianity were belief, it would indeed be a problem. Gullibility would be hardwired into the Christian worldview. And while the widespread success of books about heaven tourism, and the popularity of charlatans like Benny Hinn are painful reminders that there is indeed too much gullibility within the church, this need not, and should not be the case. Belief itself should not be the defining characteristic of Christians, because Christian belief is very narrowly de…