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The Folly of KJV-Onlyism

I suspect that some Christians reading this may be quite surprising to learn that there are churches that vehemently reject every translation of the Bible but the King James Version. This may seem to be a peculiar idea, but where I grew up in the Bible Belt it was not an uncommon notion among congregations from a variety of doctrinal traditions. In subsequent years, I have spent hours researching and much effort painstakingly addressing each aspect of this teaching, but I've learned that such an approach has little effect upon the faithful disciples of KJV onlyism (KJVO). This is because it is a belief system founded primarily upon feelings of piety and the subjective desires of its followers. Such entrenched beliefs are notoriously difficult to counter with rational engagement and evidence, but the persistence of this doctrine makes it necessary to do so.

The central axiom of KJVO is that every English translation of the Bible has been corrupted except for the KJV. To back up th…