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20 Years After Columbine: Who do we believe in?

20 years ago today, two dark-hearted young men entered the campus of Columbine High School with the goal of bringing pain and death to as many people as possible. I was 15 at the time, and this is one of the first national events that caught my attention. It left an indelible mark on my life.

Shortly after the events of the day, stories began to come out that at least two of the students who were killed were Christians, perhaps targeted for their beliefs by the killers. Eyewitness accounts say that both Cassie Bernall, and Rachel Scott were questioned about their belief in God before they were murdered.

These stories of martyrdom struck me heavily - a young person my age who, when asked with a gun pointed at her, affirmed that she believed in God. I wondered if I had the same courage. I was challenged to think about the sort of life I should live.

As is often the case with such things, as the investigation began to unfold, more information came forward that threw into question the martyr…

More Like Falling in Love? Confusing Christ-following with Romance

The chorus of the popular worship song “More Like Falling in Love” by Jason Gray shares this heartfelt sentiment:

“It's gotta be more like falling in love
Than something to believe in
More like losing my heart
Than giving my allegiance”

But, is this true? Is coming to Christ supposed to be like falling in love? Is that the picture that Scripture paints for us? If it is not from Scripture, why do we feel the need to describe a Christian’s relationship with Christ in romantic terms?

As a kid in the church, I remember many a testimony describing the moment a person “fell in love with Jesus.” We mostly knew what that meant. It was a whole-hearted paradigmatic shift, not a shallow alteration of thought or opinion. However, the "falling in love" metaphor has limits, and I fear that “More Like Falling in Love” crosses far beyond those limits to introduce a whole new set of errors – errors formed through the unholy matrimony (To use my own love metaphor) of bad theology and our …

The Transformed Wife is Uninformed: More quiver-full errors

I have written before about the many Biblical and rational errors of the anti-contraception, quiver-full movement, but it's a bit like spitting on a forest fire because as we all know, a lie travels around the world faster than the truth can put on its pants.

The following comes from the mommy blog, The Transformed Wife, in a post entitled "INVENTORS OF EVIL THINGS – A CONTRACEPTIVE MENTALITY"

[Incidently, I posted this rebuttal to The Transformed Wife's Facebook post, and she quickly deleted the post and appears to only be allowing comments favorable to her position. There's some intellectual honesty for you.]

I have attempted to address the most grievous factual/Biblical errors:
“Right before marriage, we are asked what contraceptive we’re going to use as if getting pregnant on the honeymoon would be a terrible thing.”
Getting pregnant on the honeymoon is not ideal for most couples. Having a couple of years to establish your married relationship before kids come …

Saints and Monsters

Saints and Monsters
Imagine a world in which every single other person is either a saint or a monster. Gifts from heaven, and devils from the pit, waiting to consume you. Friend and foe, and a lot more foes than friends. And if you want any chance for survival, you must take out the monsters before they take you out.
In a recent Washington Post article LGBT+ activist and actor Cynthia Nixon excoriated former Vice President Joe Biden for calling Vice President Mike Pence a “decent guy.” Nixon’s op-ed made a number of factually inaccurate accusations (some of which the editors of Washington Post have been forced to walk back), against Pence. However, her argument can be easily boiled down to this simple conclusion: Pence can’t be a decent person because he disagrees with her politically. There is precisely zero evidence that VP Pence has ever done anything hateful to Nixon or any LGBT+ person, nor has he ever called for violence or civil rights violations against anyone.
(Yes, LGBT+ a…

Pavlovitz's Missing Self-Awareness

In what may be the most self-unaware post ever in social media history, an acquaintance of mine who, a couple of years ago went all-in for the LGBT+ movement posted this Trump bashing post from “too cool for Conservatives” Christian-esque author John Pavlovitz.
Pavlovitz’s depiction of Trump voters is one-sided, stereotypical, and unnecessarily harsh (for someone trying to convince – it’s right on point for a virtue-signaling piece, but I’ll let you be the judge of that), but it does actually mirror in many ways my experiences with a number of Christians who’ve jumped on the Trump bandwagon, and are still clinging desperately to that very bumpy ride.

What stands out to me about the piece, and the person who posted it, is that it arguably describes members of the LGBT+ movement better than it describes most Trump supporters. With that observation, it seems that Pavlovitz isn’t as much wrong as he is apparently lacking in the ability or willingness to critically evaluate members of h…

Don't Give Up on the Truth

Don’t give up on truth.
I shouldn’t have to say it, but here we are.
Somewhere along the way we got confused into thinking that having a million perceptions emanating forth at the click of a mouse or the tap of screen would bring us the truth, but in fact, truth is the ever more elusive white rabbit in a dark labyrinth of ambiguity. The age of information hasn’t made humans any smarter or wiser, and most significantly, it hasn’t made our understanding of reality any clearer. Quite the opposite is true. In fact, it seems to me that much of the western world stands at the brink of what might be described as an epistemic crisis. Information abounds, but truth is more obscured than it’s ever been.
We humans have a strange relationship with the truth. We’ve been gifted with minds that reach to ponder the mysteries of the universe. We want to believe that we understand ourselves and the people around us, and that our choices make sense in our reality. But, we also want to do what makes us fee…

Want to Know Why There is no Such Thing as "Toxic Femininity?"

Why is there no such thing as “toxic femininity” in SJW parlance? It’s because the idea of “toxic masculinity” owes its existence to critical theory. Critical theory, (sometimes called social Marxism, which I think is a more helpful description) is the foundation of the modern social justice movement and it undergirds modern gender theory. It incorrectly reduces most human interaction, relationships, and politics to oppressors vs. oppressed, but its most egregious error is that it judges individuals primarily by their membership in either of those classes. Individual character and behavior are not enough to free any man from the personal portion of the guilt he bears through the collective guilt of the patriarchy. A man’s only hope for salvation comes through self-loathing, and the deconstruction of any aspect of his (and other men’s) own nature which seems distinctly masculine. Similarly, the only way a woman can lose her moral high ground as a member of the oppressed class is if she…