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Pavlovitz's Missing Self-Awareness

In what may be the most self-unaware post ever in social media history, an acquaintance of mine who, a couple of years ago went all-in for the LGBT+ movement posted this Trump bashing post from “too cool for Conservatives” Christian-esque author John Pavlovitz.
Pavlovitz’s depiction of Trump voters is one-sided, stereotypical, and unnecessarily harsh (for someone trying to convince – it’s right on point for a virtue-signaling piece, but I’ll let you be the judge of that), but it does actually mirror in many ways my experiences with a number of Christians who’ve jumped on the Trump bandwagon, and are still clinging desperately to that very bumpy ride.

What stands out to me about the piece, and the person who posted it, is that it arguably describes members of the LGBT+ movement better than it describes most Trump supporters. With that observation, it seems that Pavlovitz isn’t as much wrong as he is apparently lacking in the ability or willingness to critically evaluate members of h…