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Pavlovitz's Missing Self-Awareness

In what may be the most self-unaware post ever in social media history, an acquaintance of mine who, a couple of years ago went all-in for the LGBT+ movement posted this Trump bashing post from “too cool for Conservatives” Christian-esque author John Pavlovitz.

Pavlovitz’s depiction of Trump voters is one-sided, stereotypical, and unnecessarily harsh (for
someone trying to convince – it’s right on point for a virtue-signaling piece, but I’ll let you be the judge of that), but it does actually mirror in many ways my experiences with a number of Christians who’ve jumped on the Trump bandwagon, and are still clinging desperately to that very bumpy ride.

What stands out to me about the piece, and the person who posted it, is that it arguably describes members of the LGBT+ movement better than it describes most Trump supporters. With that observation, it seems that Pavlovitz isn’t as much wrong as he is apparently lacking in the ability or willingness to critically evaluate members of his own ideological silo.

I’ve summarized his basic observations. Think about them in relation to members of the LGBT+ movement.

-        A Loved one or family member is unrecognizably lost in their new ideology.

-        Social media presence displaying an obsession for the talking points of their side.

-        Unfounded hostility, hatred, and/or condescension directed anyone who dares to disagree.
Yep, I’ve been charged with everything from bigotry, to sadism, to narcissism.

-       Willingness to torture and destroy (even long-standing familial) relationships with those who won’t come over to their side.
Sadly, yes.

-        Willingness to believe the talking points of their side and ignore any evidence to the contrary.
Does ignoring the fact that there is no scientific justification for separating gender and biological sex count?

-        An exclusive and never-ending hunger for the confirming ideas of like-minded people which provides permission to conclude that since virtually everyone they hear agrees with them, only a complete Nazi would disagree.
Affirmative. Daring to disagree with an LGBT+ activist is a bit like jumping into a pool of piranhas wearing a bacon sportcoat. Complete strangers will share opinions of your personal character that you wouldn’t attribute most convicted serial murderers.

-        Fear mongering and using the (unfounded) belief in a perpetual, acute existential crisis as justification to forgo human decency and civility to “punch Nazis” any chance they get.
Despite continual victories on virtually every political and legal front, and perpetually glowing endorsements in news and entertainment media, LGBT+ folks continue to perpetuate the feeling that they are on the brink of being carted off with torches and pitchforks to be burned at the stake. Consider the fact that in 2016 there were approximately 9 million LGBT people in the US. The FBI reported about 1,213 incidents of single bias hate crimes against LGBT people. If each incident happened to a different person, that works out to about .013%. Now, I realize this is an overly simplistic calculation, and any hate crime is a terrible intolerable evil, but any way you slice it, (objectively provable) hate crimes against LGBT people aren’t particularly common in the US.

-        Constant battles against imaginary threats.
Sure. Consider the attacks on Sweetcakes by Melissa, Masterpiece Cakeshop, and wedding photographers Jonathan and Elaine Huguenin. These are all people specifically targeted by the LGBT+ movement for thought crimes, but who never actually harmed a single LGBT+ person.

-        Extreme difficulty of rescuing those who’ve become entrenched in such ideas.
Sadly too, this one has been the case, but I continue to hold out hope.

-       Understanding that sticking around means enduring abuse.

On this final point I can wholeheartedly agree with Pavlovitz. We must persist for the good of others, even when it means enduring abuse, unfounded hatred, and animosity. It is the truth that sets humankind free, but the human heart is in perpetual rebellion against it. Since truth is an abstract thing that can’t be hurt or spit upon, we who proclaim it must endure these abuses. And we do so gratefully, being recipients of the God’s abundant grace and mercy, and having made the calculation leading to the realization that such is a small price to pay if it means those whom we love can be saved.

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