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More Like Falling in Love? Confusing Christ-following with Romance

The chorus of the popular worship song “More Like Falling in Love” by Jason Gray shares this heartfelt sentiment:

“It's gotta be more like falling in love
Than something to believe in
More like losing my heart
Than giving my allegiance”

But, is this true? Is coming to Christ supposed to be like falling in love? Is that the picture that Scripture paints for us? If it is not from Scripture, why do we feel the need to describe a Christian’s relationship with Christ in romantic terms?

As a kid in the church, I remember many a testimony describing the moment a person “fell in love with Jesus.” We mostly knew what that meant. It was a whole-hearted paradigmatic shift, not a shallow alteration of thought or opinion. However, the "falling in love" metaphor has limits, and I fear that “More Like Falling in Love” crosses far beyond those limits to introduce a whole new set of errors – errors formed through the unholy matrimony (To use my own love metaphor) of bad theology and our …

The Transformed Wife is Uninformed: More quiver-full errors

I have written before about the many Biblical and rational errors of the anti-contraception, quiver-full movement, but it's a bit like spitting on a forest fire because as we all know, a lie travels around the world faster than the truth can put on its pants.

The following comes from the mommy blog, The Transformed Wife, in a post entitled "INVENTORS OF EVIL THINGS – A CONTRACEPTIVE MENTALITY"

[Incidently, I posted this rebuttal to The Transformed Wife's Facebook post, and she quickly deleted the post and appears to only be allowing comments favorable to her position. There's some intellectual honesty for you.]

I have attempted to address the most grievous factual/Biblical errors:
“Right before marriage, we are asked what contraceptive we’re going to use as if getting pregnant on the honeymoon would be a terrible thing.”
Getting pregnant on the honeymoon is not ideal for most couples. Having a couple of years to establish your married relationship before kids come …

Saints and Monsters

Saints and Monsters
Imagine a world in which every single other person is either a saint or a monster. Gifts from heaven, and devils from the pit, waiting to consume you. Friend and foe, and a lot more foes than friends. And if you want any chance for survival, you must take out the monsters before they take you out.
In a recent Washington Post article LGBT+ activist and actor Cynthia Nixon excoriated former Vice President Joe Biden for calling Vice President Mike Pence a “decent guy.” Nixon’s op-ed made a number of factually inaccurate accusations (some of which the editors of Washington Post have been forced to walk back), against Pence. However, her argument can be easily boiled down to this simple conclusion: Pence can’t be a decent person because he disagrees with her politically. There is precisely zero evidence that VP Pence has ever done anything hateful to Nixon or any LGBT+ person, nor has he ever called for violence or civil rights violations against anyone.
(Yes, LGBT+ a…