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Nothing is G-Rated Anymore

Okay, to be fair, the movie rating system ceased to be relevant a long time ago, but the landscape upon which discerning parents must curate and filter the content available to their children's still-developing minds is becoming ever more difficult.

My recent case study on this topic comes from Netflix's reworking of the classic children's book series, The Babysitters Club. Having learned our lesson with shows like Duck Tales, my wife started watching with our daughter to make sure that it was appropriate. Sure enough, episode 4 (Mary Anne Saves the Day) takes a full cannonball off the high-dive into woke social justice dogma and modern gender theory by introducing a poor little 9-year-old boy whose parents have dressed him up like a girl.

Now, I must give some disclaimers here. I have never read a Babysitters Club book, and I haven't watched any of the other episodes of the series. That might be relevant when evaluating characters in their development through the story…