False Doctrines

This page is not intended to simply put forth my views on doctrinal disputes that have persisted in the church for decades, but to address some of the more fringe ideas that have:

  1. Become cult-like in their exclusion of other Christians. In other words, their adherents claim a level of spiritual superiority high above the rest of Christendom.
  2. Introduce ideas that can have tangibly devastating affects upon the salvation of believers, and the message of the cross.

KJV-Onlyism is the idea the the King James Version of the Bible is the only acceptable English version of the Bible. It is based upon misunderstood and misrepresented theories of translation, and often erroneous - even fanciful - beliefs about the history of the Bible itself. Some KJV-Only adherents hint at, if not outright saying it, that they are the only truly faithful Christians and anyone who uses a different versions has been deceived by Satan. Read my refutation of the doctrine here.


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